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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission

Planning the Week on Your Campus

Having Options:

The THGAAC is honored to support the design and implementation of Holocaust Remembrance Week across the state. We have worked hard to assemble a wide array of materials that can strengthen young people's grasp of a complex and disturbing subject. No one book, film, or resource on the Holocaust will be required for every classroom. Rather, you are free to choose from what is found on the Approved Lesson Plans and Other Resources for the Classroom page and/or the Approved Readings for the Classroom page as you develop a curriculum that works best in your classroom.

After reading through the How to Teach About the Holocaust page, you should then examine the many options for materials and lesson plans, readings, and audiovisual resources that the THGAAC has featured on various pages. We encourage you to consult with other educators on your campus to coordinate instruction.

Help Is Available:

Contact THGAAC Director of Education Dr. J.E. Wolfson with any questions. Also, consider inviting our team to be part of your instruction. We may be available to engage in a Q&A (on Zoom) or some other lesson format with your students during Remembrance Week. Please contact us about this as soon possible, as we have a small staff and expect our schedules to fill up. (All of our services are free.)

Using Social Media:

You are encouraged to share your classroom successes on social media under the hashtag #TexasHRW and are welcome to tag the THGAAC with the handle @THGAAC.

Giving Feedback:

Please complete this feedback form (educators) once you have completed your Holocaust Remembrance Week activities. Please encourage your students to complete this feedback form (students), as well.