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The Surprisingly Global Legacy of Anne Frank

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Location Zoom
Date Mon, Oct 25, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Duration   1h

The Surprising Global Legacy of Anne Frank
Gillian Walnes Perry, MBE
Speaker, lecturer, educator, and author
Co-founder and Honorary Vice President Anne Frank Trust UK

How Anne Frank coped with her two-year isolation whilst in hiding from the Nazis, facing the possibility of arrest and certain death every minute of the day. How Nelson Mandela and Audrey Hepburn’s lives were greatly influenced by Anne Frank’s diary. The astonishing effect that learning about Anne Frank has had on people in some of the world’s most turbulent and violent regions, breaking down long-held prejudicial views. The dramatic impact on British prisoners who have gained a greater perspective on their grievances against society thanks to Anne's story. The significant change Anne’s diary has made to millions of teenagers who have faced adolescent social problems and have succeeded in raising their ambition and aspirations thanks to learning her story.

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