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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


The Ethics of Rescue: True Stories Behind Bergen-Belsen's Liberation

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Location Zoom
Date Thu, Apr 20, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Duration   1h

Shocked by what he discovered upon entering Bergen-Belsen with the British Second Army in April 1945, Deputy Director of Medical Services Glyn Hughes did not initially know how he would go about stemming typhus, burying thousands of dead, and arranging medical treatment for 25,00 of 60,000 "displaced persons" in dire need of hospitalization.

In this talk, Bernice Lerner will describe how a small group of rescuers went about trying to save lives. She will share astonishing stories about the unprecedented liberation--from the perspectives of both liberators and survivors, including her mother, then fifteen-year-old Rachel Genuth. Attendees will also learn why the event was a watershed in the life of the high-ranking Hughes and those with whom he served.

PD hours and co-curricular credits will be provided.

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