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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


The Danger of Indifference: "Then They Came For Me"

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Location Facebook Live
Date Wed, Jun 10, 8:30am - 9:00am
Duration   30m

You may know the words from this famous quote, but do you know who said it and why? German pastor Martin Niemöller supported the Nazis before worrying signs propelled him to criticize Hitler from the pulpit. In 1937, the Gestapo arrested him for this opposition, and he spent almost eight years in concentration camps. After the Holocaust, Niemöller called for acknowledgment of German guilt. As our current moment draws us to Niemöller's words once again, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum experts will discuss their origins and reflect on their enduring power to inspire individuals to act and recognize our common humanity.

Watch live at and join in the conversation using #USHMM and #AskWhy. You do not need a Facebook account to view their program. After the live broadcast, the recording will be available to watch on demand on USHMM's Facebook page.

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