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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Session 3: American Universities and the Muslim Brotherhood

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Location Zoom
Date Tue, Dec 13, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Duration   1h

Featuring Dr. Charles Asher Small, Founder and Executive Director, ISGAP; Director, ISGAP-Woolf Institute Fellowship Training Programme on Critical Antisemitism Studies, Cambridge, U.K.

This course will explore the emergence of contemporary antisemitism in the United States, with a concentration on popular culture, the hip-hop community, and sports, while analysing its historical and ideological roots. This course will also assess how and why academia is silent on issues pertaining to antisemitism; and why Jewish people are being increasingly labelled as white and racist in our best universities; just one generation after being hunted and exterminated due to the racist ideologies that defined the Jewish People as an inferior race and a threat to the purity of the white Aryan nation.

Session 1:Fragmentation, Antisemitism and Extremism in the United States
Will be held on 29 November 2022 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Session 2: “Imposter Jews: Hip-Hop, the Nation of Islam and Contemporary Antisemitism
Will be held on 6 December 2022 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Session 3: “From Extermination to White Racist in One Generation: Teaching Antisemitism in US Higher Education and the Shifting Discourse of Jewish Identity
Will be held on 13 December 2022 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time

Classes will be held virtually on Zoom. Recordings will be made available to registered participants who are not able to attend live sessions. Limited student scholarships are available, to apply contact

Course fee: $100.00

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