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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Performance as Witness: Recognizing the Rhetoric that Leads to Violence

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Location Zoom online
Date Tue, Apr 2, 10:00am - 1:00pm
Duration   3h

Kupferberg Holocaust Center- CUNY

Join Dr. Alexander Hinton, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, and UNESCO Chair on Genocide Prevention at Rutgers University, for a discussion about how the rise of political extremism and hate speech contributes to a growing atmosphere of insecurity and dehumanization in our society. Dr. Hinton will also reflect upon how the plays, “Julio Ain’t Goin Down Like That” and “Letters from Anne and Martin,” as well as the film, “BENT,” use performance to come to terms with antisemitism, transphobia, and racism.

This event is part of a special collaboration between the Harriet & Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Center (KHC) and the QCC-CUNY LGBTQIA+ Consortium in a semester-long project entitled “Performance as Prevention.” The event is co-sponsored by the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College; the Ray Wolpow Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity at Western Washington University; the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies at the US Military Academy at West Point; the Holocaust & Human Rights Center in White Plains; and the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights at Rutgers University.

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