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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Pedagogy of Teaching the Holocaust

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Location Zoom
Date Thu, Mar 2, 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Duration   3h

Join Florida Atlantic University as they host Echoes & Reflections for this workshop on Holocaust pedagogy.

Pedagogy of Teaching the Holocaust

Through Echoes & Reflections' standard professional development program, educators enhance their knowledge and capacity to teach about the Holocaust, including the history of antisemitism, the establishment of the ghettos, the "Final Solution," and how this historical event continues to influence the world today.

Women in Resistance: Fierce Females

During the Holocaust, women were often at the heart of resistance, whether spiritual, cultural or armed. This program, highlighting Echoes & Reflections resources, focuses on the role of the female "couriers" and the part they played in armed resistance. This story, often overshadowed by stories of armed resistance in the ghettos of Europe, offers a powerful example of incredible bravery exhibited by a group of Jewish girls and women.

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