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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


PATCHES: The White Rose Society

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Location Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio
Date Sun, Oct 23, 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Duration   3h

Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio annually hosts its PATCHES – Others Deemed Dangerous or Inferior program, which highlights other groups outside of the Jewish community victimized by the Nazis during the Holocaust.  

This year's program will feature The White Rose Society . This group of German university students, led by Hans and Sophie Scholl, distributed leaflets and painted anti-regime slogans on walls around Munich, that urged fellow Germans to rise up against Hitler and the Nazis. In the end, they were able to distribute thousands of pamphlets, reaching homes across Germany.

"Our current 'state' is the dictatorship of evil. We know that already, I hear you object, and we don't need you to reproach us for it yet again. But, I ask you, if you know that, then why don't you act? Why do you tolerate these rulers gradually robbing you, in public and in private, of one right after another, until one day nothing, absolutely nothing, remains but the machinery of the state, under the command of criminals and drunkards?" - Third Pamphlet from the White Rose Society

Featuring Keynote Presentation by Dr. Jason Dawsey

Panel Discussion with Dr. Jason Dawsey, Dr. Roger Barnes, and Dr. Alberto Giordano

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