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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Holocaust Education in Catholic Schools

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Location Zoom
Date Wed, Jan 12, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Duration   1h

Echoes & Reflections is excited to present Catholic school educators with training and resources to help their students understand the history of antisemitism, the Holocaust, and modern manifestations of prejudice, made possible by the generous support of Eileen Ludwig Greenland.

One of the central revolutions in Catholic education in the last forty years has been in its depiction of Jews, Judaism, and the Holocaust. This is due to the release of two essential Vatican documents separated in time by over thirty years. Join Echoes & Reflections Program Manager Jesse Tannetta, former Catholic school educator and scholar of the Holocaust and Catholic theology, to discuss the history of antisemitism, best practices for teaching about the Holocaust, and some of the complex moral questions underpinning successful teaching of the Holocaust in a Catholic school.

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