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Echoes & Reflection- A Rare Glimpse of Life in the Ghettos Through Photographs Taken by Jewish Victims

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Location Virtually via Zoom
Date Tue, Jul 9, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Duration   1h

Our webinars are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of Holocaust history, explore and access classroom-ready content, and support instructional practice to promote student learning and understanding of this complex history and its lasting effect on the world.

It is rare to see photographs taken by Jewish victims in the ghettos. In most cases, the Jews did not have cameras and the photographs we have were taken by the perpetrators. In this webinar, Alexandra Impris - educator at The Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History - will focus on the everyday life in ghettos as seen through the photographs of Jews forced to live in them. The collection of Holocaust survivor Zvi Hirsch Kadushin from Kaunas, Lithuania reveals the nuances of ghetto life and how the Jews tried to survive the new challenges they faced every day, providing us with a better understanding of certain lesser-discussed aspects of the Holocaust.

This webinar connects to Unit 4 on the Echoes & Reflections website.

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