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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Connecting Themes of Holocaust Education and African American History

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Calendar   Workshops
Location Webinar
Date Thu, Dec 3, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Duration   1h

Stories of freedom, perseverance, resilience, and agency can be seen throughout history, and are particularly powerful narratives in Holocaust and African American history. The pedagogy for teaching each unique history is intertwined, with the need to focus on the human story, cultivate empathy, and promote civic engagement. During this Echoes & Reflections webinar, special guest Christopher Miller, Senior Director of Education at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, will highlight learning resources and online exhibits available to support classroom instruction and increase student understanding of African American history in the U.S., and will engage in conversation with Echoes & Reflections Deputy Director Melissa Mott about practical connections to Holocaust education.

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