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Bringing Survivors to a New Homeland in Palestine - The "Bricha" Movement

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Location Webinar
Date Tue, Dec 15, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Duration   1h

After liberation, most Jewish Holocaust survivors were left with no family and no homes. Where could they go? Many survivors dreamed about starting life over and building a new national Jewish homeland in Palestine. However, British immigration restrictions were severe. Survivors needed a way to circumvent them. The "Bricha" (meaning "escape" in Hebrew) movement was established by partisans and ghetto fighters to collect Jewish survivors in Europe and bring them to pre-state Israel. Participate in this webinar to learn from Professor Yehuda Bauer, internationally acclaimed historian and Holocaust scholar, who will share his research and expertise on this topic.

Echoes & Reflections delivers value to both experienced Holocaust educators and for teachers new to Holocaust education.

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