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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


A Reason for Survival: To Understand, To Educate, To Heal

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Date Wed, Oct 12, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Duration   1h

Holocaust & Genocide Education Network (HGEN), formerly the Ohio Council on Holocaust & Genocide Education (OCHGE), is offering a monthly dialogue series in 2022-2023. Named for Ohio Holocaust educator Renate Frydman—a founding member of HGEN, the Director of the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center, and the author of Anschel’s Story—the Frydman dialogue series brings a range of topics to educators seeking to develop their knowledge around the teaching of the Holocaust and genocide.

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“My husband and I were supposed to be part of the million and a half children who were killed. Instead, we found each other—I think it was meant to be—and we started a family. I don’t say it’s a victory, but it is a story of survival.”

And it’s much more than that. It is a tale of remembrance and healing and especially love.

“I know there are some worse stories of people being treated horrifically, but this story is one of hope in the end. You can’t just focus on the worst of us. You always want to end it with some hope.”

All presentations/discussions will be held on Zoom and will be one hour in length. Professional Development contact hours are available to teachers upon request.

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