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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Heroines of the Holocaust

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Location Zoom
Date Thu, Jun 3, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Duration   1h

Leading international scholars of the Holocaust and genocide will highlight women rescuers and resisters in daily life, in ghettos, forests, labor and death camps, including Jewish and non-Jewish women professionals and partisans. Often overlooked, women were critical to the Jewish underground and other resistance networks as armed fighters and strategists, as couriers of intelligence and false papers and in operating educational, cultural and humanitarian initiatives. This symposium hopes to create a new narrative around agency in the Shoah and other genocides and to promote a rethinking of leadership in Holocaust resistance and rescue, which may inspire transformative activism today.

Wolf Gruner
, USC Shoah Foundation, Center for Advance Genocide Research
Khatchig Mouradian
, Columbia University
Hanna Abakunova
, University of Sheffield, UK
Avihu Ronan
, Univ. of Haifa
Daniella Ozacky-Stern
, Bar-Ilan University
Hannah Wilson
, Nottingham Trent University

Heiko Schwarz
, Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany

Welcome Remarks
Laura Morowitz and Lori Weintrob, Wagner College

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