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The Struggle Over the Narrative of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe

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Date Thu, Nov 10, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Duration   1h

Please join Yeshiva University for the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Featuring a lecture by Dr. Efraim Zuroff on the struggle over the narrative of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, including the troubling case of Lithuania.

Livestream available here.

About Dr. Zuroff
Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Dr. Zuroff is a historian and Nazi hunter who has played a key role in bringing indicted Nazi and fascist war criminals to trial.

About the Lecture
Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the new democracies of Eastern Europe have adopted a false narrative, which hides or severely minimizes the highly-significant role of local collaborators in Holocaust crimes. In addition, they seek to direct attention to their suffering under Communism and thereby deflect attention from their participation in the mass murder of their Jewish citizens. Lithuania has been one of the worst offenders in this regard, and a leader of initiatives to promote the canard of equivalency between Nazi and Communist crimes. The lecture will present the historical background of this movement, and explain why it is so dangerous for the future of Holocaust commemoration, research, and education by closely examining its genesis and development in Lithuania.

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