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Dissemination of Holocaust Education in India

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Location UT Dallas Campus Erik Jonsson Academic Center, JO 4.102
Date Tue, Nov 1, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Duration   1h

Dissemination of Holocaust Education in India: Academic Insights and Personal Reflections by Dr. Mehak Burza

India represents a country that was neither directly affected nor involved with the Holocaust. As the timeline of the Holocaust overlaps the timeline of the struggle for freedom for the Indian subcontinent, the later events overshadow the former. Holocaust education is neither mandatory nor prevalent in India.

Equating the partition of India with the Holocaust and tagging the Holocaust as one of the genocides, represents one of the few misconceptions about the Holocaust in India that often strips off the uniqueness of the catastrophic event. This talk will address the present status of Holocaust education in Indian schools and universities. The survey stems from the standard books used in schools as well as my personal experience as an educator. This talk will also address the need of creating awareness regarding the Holocaust in India through relevant examples, which would serve as the appropriate entry wedges to create awareness regarding Holocaust education in India.

Lecture presented by Dr. Mehak Burza
Head, Global Holocaust and Religious Studies, GCRR, Denver, United States.
Assistant Professor, English, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India.

Parking is available Parking Structure 3 (PS3 on the map). PS3 is located just south of Synergy/Rutford Avenue (follow the white "Ackerman Center Event" signs directing you from Waterview/Synergy). There will be a parking greeter in a yellow vest there to assist.

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