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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Hans von Trotha and "Pollak's Arm"

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Date Tue, Jul 26, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Duration   1h

Join the Fritz Ascher Society to hear a lively presentation by Hans von Trotha, author of Pollak’s Arm, and a penetrating conversation between him and Georgetown University Professor Ori Z Soltes.

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Ludwig Pollak (Prague 1868-1943 Auschwitz) was an extraordinary connoisseur of antiquities–an Austro-Hungarian Jew whose path into academia was impeded by his religion, but who settled in Rome, where he carved out a unique place for himself as an expert in recognizing, understanding, and organizing great works of art. It was he who shaped and articulated the magnificent collections of JP Morgan. Of perhaps even greater consequence, his astute eye saw a sculpted fragment of an arm in a flea market that, he deduced, was the limb missing from the spectacular Hellenistic-Roman sculptural group known as Laocoon. He gifted that arm fragment to the Vatican so that it might complete the work that occupied an important place within its museum collections.

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