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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Houston Jewish Film Festival: June Zero

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Location Kaplan Theatre @ JCC Houston
Date Sun, Mar 24, 7:00pm - 8:45pm
Duration   1h 45m

Drama | Directed by Jake Paltrow | 2022 | Israel | Hebrew, with English subtitles | 105 Min. | Kaplan Theatre
American filmmaker Jake Paltrow revisits the 1962 trial of Adolf Eichmann with a gripping Hebrew-language historical drama centered on three Israeli characters on the periphery of Eichmann’s last days: a precocious Libyan immigrant boy, a Moroccan prison guard and a Polish Holocaust survivor working for the prosecution. With Eichmann relegated to the background, the trio’s seemingly ordinary lives become intertwined in the extraordinary, seminal moment. Warmly saturated 16mm filming gives a rich, antique texture to all three storylines.

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