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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


Echoes & Reflections- Forgotten Voices: Uncovering Nazi Persecution of the LGBTQ+ Community

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Calendar   Speaking Engagements
Location Virtually via Zoom
Date Tue, Jun 25, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Duration   1h

Echoes & Reflections webinars are designed to increase participants’ knowledge of Holocaust history, explore and access classroom-ready content, and support instructional practice to promote student learning and understanding of this complex history and its lasting effect on the world.

How can we bring out the stories of LGBTQ+ victims of Nazi persecution, and what can they tell us about Nazi ideology and antisemitism? Melissa Mott, Director of Antisemitism, Holocaust, and Genocide Education, will delve into this topic in a webinar, focusing on bringing out this often-erased history via Echoes & Reflections Timeline of the Holocaust. The campaign against LGBTQ people, spanning 1933 to 1945, involved shutting down gay establishments and enforcing Paragraph 175 of the German criminal code, leading to tens of thousands of arrests and imprisonment. Dive into best practices for teaching this subject, utilizing the best terminology, and exploring resources to support sound instruction, including connections to contemporary antisemitism and historical erasure.

This webinar connects to the Timeline of the Holocaust on the Echoes & Reflections website.

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