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Can “The Whole World” Be Wrong? Four Case Studies in Self-Destructive Western Folly (Session 4 of 4)

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Date Thu, May 11, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Duration   4h

Featuring Professor Richard Landes, Associate Professor Emeritus of History, Boston University; this course will be an exploration of the four historical chapters of his recent book, in which you discuss each of the four incidents using the conceptual tools provided in the later chapters. The course will examine the intersection of a range of themes that shed light not only on the “new antisemitism” of the 21st century, but its direct connection to the war on democracy and human rights that has so disoriented and divided Western polities… and continues to do so. It is an introduction to the shaping of the upside-down world that the current generation was born into.

For parents of, and children entering the world of Western academia.

Session 1: The Oslo Jihad and the al Durah blood libel
The “al-Aqsa Intifada” was the first attack on a democracy by the forces of Global Jihad, it also constitutes the first case in the history of the modern news media of a pack “fake news” in which the conflict was presented almost universally as a fight between “freedom fighters” resisting Western colonialism, and fueled by a combination of falsehoods both by commission (al-Durah) and omission (any mention of Palestinian genocidal preaching) which laid the groundwork for Y2KMind: When Jihadis attack a democracy, blame the democracy. These themes found a systematic consolidation at Durban (2001) where an alliance between progressive “human rights” activists joined forces with proponents of Global Jihad.

Was held April 20 2023 at 10AM CST

Session 2: 9-11 and Y2KMind
9-11 was the second attack on a democracy. Although many voices opposed it, a range of “progressive” analysts, applied Y2KMind outside of Israel. We analyze President Bush’s speech at the Islamic Center of DC, Baudrillard’s oped in Le Monde, 9-11 conspiracy theories, and the news medias acceptance of the principle “one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” The combination of attitudes that appear in these separate cases has shaped the discourse of 21st century progressive discourse and produced a systemic disorientation that continues to dominate the democratic public sphere.

Was held April 27 2023 at 10AM CST

Session 3: The Jenin Massacre and Own-Goal Journalism
Operation Defensive Shield (April-May 2002) was the first campaign of urban warfare against suicide-terror Jihadis who took cover behind civilians. It was again, almost universally reported by Western news media who were not eyewitnesses as an Israeli massacre of innocent civilians, based entirely on claims made by Palestinians. Demonstrations throughout the West took the side of Jihadis, in some cases wearing mock suicide vests to show solidarity with those whose fellow Jihadis would soon attack their countries. It also led to a wave of antisemitic attacks in the West and the beginnings of the progressive boycott of Israel. It also produced the sudden appearance of “as-a-Jew” Jews who, without any previous public identification as Jewish, now felt called upon to denounce Israel to the nations.

Was held May 4 2023 at 10AM CST

Session 4: The Danish Cartoon Scandal and the Extension of Shariah to Dar al Harb
The controversy around the Danish newspaper, Jylands Post, publishing 12 cartoons of Muhammad (only eight of which dared to depict the prophet), constitutes the first major cognitive war campaign against the West in which Caliphators tried to extend the laws of Shariah to infidels not living under Muslim Rule (i.e. those in Dar al Islam). They did this through fake news (3 forged and deeply blasphemous cartoons), by which staged a moral emergency, and deployed the Muslim Street in the West. The Western reaction, while framed in a language of respect and consideration, established the basic principles of pre-emptive dhimmitude, or the adoption of submissive behavior as a way of postponing Jihadi attack.

Will be held May 11 2023 at 10AM CST

This course costs $100. Register here.

Classes will be held virtually on Zoom. Recordings will be made available to registered participants who are not able to attend live sessions. Limited student scholarships are available, to apply contact

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