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Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission


The Upstander: An Evening with Jori Epstein

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Location Barshop Jewish Community Center
Date Tue, Apr 5, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Duration   1h

As a journalist for USA Today, Jori Epstein reports features, investigations, and news - primarily on the Dallas Cowboys and NFL. She worked previously for The Dallas Morning News and Sports Illustrated. Jori holds journalism and Plan II Honors degrees from the University of Texas.

Join Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio for an evening with Jori as she discusses her book, The Upstander: How Surviving the Holocaust Sparked Max Glauben's Mission to Dismantle Hate.

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Holocaust survivor Max Glauben is on a mission—to outlast hate, to preserve memory, and to compel the world to embrace tolerance.

The stench of decay pierced the air aboard the boxcar of trapped Jews. “Why me?” fifteen-year-old Max asked himself, as a convoy rumbled from the Warsaw Ghetto to Majdanek death camp in May 1943.

The Nazis had destroyed the Glauben family’s business, upended their rights, and ultimately decimated their neighborhood. The deluge of questions would only intensify after the Nazis murdered Max’s mother, father, and brother. Max channeled grit, determination, and a fortuitous knack for manufacturing airplane parts to outlast six horrific concentration camps in his quest to survive.

This memoir explores Max’s mischievous childhood and teen years as a go-to ghetto smuggler. Max journeys from displaced person to American immigrant and Korean veteran. He reveals how he ached as he dared to court love and rear children. For decades, he bottled up his trauma. Then he realized: He could transform his pain into purpose.

Infused with raw emotion and vivid detail, historical records and Max’s poignant voice, this memoir relays the true story of the harrowing violence and dehumanization Max endured. It relays Max’s powerful lifetime commitment to actively thwarting hate and galvanizing resilience. Max insists you, too, can transform your adversity into your greatest strength.

In the seventy-five years since his liberation, Max has ceased to ask himself, “Why me?” Instead, he reframes his focus, eager to partner with you and ask: “What can we do next?”

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